Tea Quiero is a new and exclusive organic tea concept. Our tea is perfectly packed in organic biodegradable bags that are flavourless and have zero effect on the environment and our packaging is fully recyclable too. Our carefully selected hand-crafted range of 8 flavours (3 black teas, 3 green teas, and 2 infusions) has been specially blended by leading tea industry experts to ensure that the subtle flavours and refreshing aromas are consistently delivered every time, so that our customers are guaranteed a quality tea experience in every cup. With Tea Quiero, every cup of tea is a gift to the mind, body and spirit.

At Tea Quiero, we believe that the very best tea comes from the most sustainable estates. That’s why our tea not only tastes superb but also complies with all fair- trade standards. This ensures that we use only the freshest, most recently picked leaves and seasonal in- gredients. Our tea is grown and picked with the utmost care and in accordance with fair trade standards at 1000 metres above sea level in the heart of the beautiful landscape of Sri Lanka, one of the world’s pre-eminent countries for tea production.

Our tea comes in a biodegradable bag through which the tea is visible. Thus, the tea looks loose when served, but is actually safely held by the bag. The teabag has been designed to give the tea room to release its natural flavours and aromas, thereby ensuring that you receive maximum pleasure from your daily cup. The biological concept does not end with the bag either – our packaging is produced using 100% recycled materials.

With Tea Quiero, every cup of tea is a gift!

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