• “Te Quiero” (I love you).
    Tea Quiero.

  • “Te Quiero” (I love you).
    Tea Quiero.

Té Negro

This classical black tea from Sri Lanka is being plucked from higher tea fields. The tea pluckers will only pick the best of 2 extremely delicate leafs and the bud of the tea plant. That’s why our English breakfast tea is soft in flavour.

Earl Grey

This classic black tea from Sri Lanka is handpicked at higher plantations. These Premium quality tea leaves are selected and picked with great passion and love. By blending this black tea with the citrus bergamot aroma, the real smooth and pure flavour of the Earl grey comes to live.

Frutas del Bosque

The tea leafs that are picked for this red fruit tea, can be found at the higher altitude tea fields in Sri Lanka. The hand-picked tea leafs are of high quality and treated with love by the pluckers. By adding pieces of real fruit, you can really taste a well-balanced and refreshing tea.

Té Canela

This classical black tea from Sri Lanka was picked on the higher altitude tea fields. The handpicked tea leafs are of high quality. In this tea, delicious pieces of cinnamon are added to assure a great taste. These cinnamon pieces create a tasty, full and warming character of this tea blend.

Té Verde

This green tea from Sri Lanka is of high quality. The tea pluckers have carefully selected the best tea leafs and picked them by hand. With these lovely and refreshing green tea leafs, lemon and ginger are added to create a lovely refreshing and summery flavour.

Té Rojo

In the Chinese province called Yunnan, there is a tropical climate; the perfect conditions to grow Pu-erh tea. It is one of the few kinds of tea that grow in this area. After picking the tea leafs it will take a few months until the leafs can be processed into tea. First, they need to mature before the leafs will get the intense and earthly flavour of Pu-er tea.

Té Moruno

This green tea of high quality has grow and is picked in Sri Lanka. The best tea leafs are delicately selected and picked by hand. The blend of the Moroccan mint tea ensures a lovely, refreshing and spicy note to your cup of tea: cinnamon, mint and liquorice.


Rooibos is grown in the beautiful and montainous Cedeberg region in the Western Cape province of South Africa. 18 months after the plantations have been established, the rooibos plant is finally ready to receive wonderful flavours. Subtly flavoured with orange and vainilla.